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...breastvest is comfortable, easy to use and does a brilliant job of keeping my tummy covered in public. Babyworld reviewer.
...a good quality, unique piece of nursing underware, breastvest is ideal for covering your tummy while you are breastfeeding.
Madeformums, review.
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22/07/2016 Hooray for breastvest at the V&A! click to view>>

11/11/2013 breastvest gets the GOLD click to view>>

08/07/2013 breastvest wins ANOTHER SILVER! click to view>>

08/07/2013 Family BT loves breastvest! click to view>>

26/12/2012 12 days of Xmas giveaway!  click to view>>

30/11/2012 Festive Post click to view>>

20/11/2012 Lovely new blog review of breastvest click to view>>

01/10/2012 Limited edition TICKLED PINK breastvest does good click to view>>

14/08/2012 Silver Medal for breastvest! click to view>>

24/05/2012 breastvest shortlisted for two awards! click to view>>

20/12/2011 UK distribution  click to view>>

13/12/2011 Guardian.co.uk finds breastvest click to view>>

28/11/2011 The very breast donation! click to view>>

17/09/2011 breastvest goes global click to view>>

28/08/2011 Essex Mums review  click to view>>

25/08/2011 A new addition to the breastvest family click to view>>

22/06/2011 Sam talks on Real Radio for NBW click to view>>

08/03/2011 Our breastest review yet! click to view>>

01/11/2010 Success at the Baby Show click to view>>

20/10/2010 Off to The Baby Show! click to view>>

13/10/2010 We've been shortlisted for an Mother and Baby Award! click to view>>

05/10/2010 Limited edition colours for ten pounds click to view>>

03/09/2010 Connect with us on Facebook click to view>>

06/07/2010 North East Baby Roadshow  click to view>>

18/05/2010 breastvest are off to The Baby Show click to view>>

08/05/2010 Free Tickets to Baby Show in Birmingham click to view>>

28/04/2010 Joanna can't stop talking about breastvest! click to view>>

15/04/2010 breastvest gets a celebrity fan! click to view>>

28/02/2010 This Morning loves breastvest click to view>>

11/02/2010 breastvest reviewed on First4Dads click to view>>

11/02/2010 Silver Award from Bizzie Baby click to view>>

05/01/2010 breastvest is a 'lifesaver'  click to view>>

11/12/2009 Festive post  click to view>>

03/12/2009 New autumn/winter colours available click to view>>

02/11/2009 breastvest gets five star review click to view>>

01/10/2009 Glowing review from Bizzie Baby click to view>>

01/10/2009 tommee tippee love breastvest click to view>>

20/09/2009 breastvest can save your style  click to view>>

20/09/2009 Win tickets to The Baby Show click to view>>

21/08/2009 breastvest gets four star review click to view>>

14/08/2009 breastvest launch press release - Aug 09 click to view>>

08/06/2009 New colours available click to view>>

17/05/2009 we're on twitter! click to view>>

22/07/2016 Hooray for breastvest at the V&A!
We couldn't be more thrilled to report that is currently being exhibited as part of Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear, at none other than the V&A Museum in London.

The major display, which runs until March 2017, tells the story of underwear design from the 18th century to the present day and the team are delighted to be part of it.

breastvest is proudly displayed in the ‘performance underwear’ section on a mannequin presenting maternity underwear alongside nursing brand Hot Milk. The exhibition shows 200 examples of underwear for men and women, highlighting the enduring themes of innovation and luxury. It’s a true honour that have been selected to represent maternity underwear.

Commenting on being part of the exciting exhibition, Sam Telfer, designer and co-founder of ltd, said: "We are beyond thrilled that is part of Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear at the V&A. It's such an honour to have it recognised as part of the history of underwear alongside such prestigious designers as Rigby and Peller, La Perla, Stella McCartney and Paul Smith.

She continued: "Little did we think when we came up with the idea for a practical piece of breastfeeding underwear to help new mums breastfeed their babies with confidence, in comfort and in their favourite clothes that our creation would end up in a glass case at the V&A! We're incredibly proud of it and the thousands of women all over the world it has helped on their breastfeeding journey. We're currently planning a trip to London to see it for ourselves."

...back to the top...

11/11/2013 breastvest gets the GOLD
We are beyond thrilled to report that has been given a GOLD BizzieBaby Award today.
Following rigorous testing by a trio of breastfeeding mums, Mandi, Sacha and Hannah, scored an average of 4.8 out of a possible 5.
We feel like we're top of the leader board on Strictly Come Dancing!

Here's some of the review highlights:

Mandi: "I loved the quality of the , it is such a soft material and feels lovely against the skin, you don't even realise you are wearing it.
"I have never had a problem breast feeding in public, but it did give me more confidence as it covers my not yet back to pre-pregnant belly. It does assist in being more "ready” to feed; I didn't have to juggle the clothes I was wearing to try and keep my stomach covered especially now it is getting colder weather. It's great to launder and doesn't really need ironing.
"I think it is a great price, especially as it will be used probably for the next 18 months. I have already been checking out what other colours are available. I have already recommended to three new mums.
"I love it, there are so many products on the market to help with breastfeeding, but most are to help with positioning or covering up baby in public, this product is actually for mum. It is a very light and comfortable top that fits under your clothes to enable you to breastfeed without exposing your newly shaped tummy, giving you warmth and more body confidence."

Sacha: My initial impression of this product was that it was a fabulous idea!! Great quality; lovely and soft, natural feeling fabric. The packaging was simple, yet effective. It displays all the information needed. The quality is excellent; lovely and soft, natural feeling fabric. Fabric has a nice stretch quality, and breathes well.
"I was 100% more comfortable when breastfeeding in public! Tummy is completely covered, and as you pull your normal top up, there is maximum coverage at top and bottom. This is definitely the quickest piece of clothing for breastfeeding. Simply pull up your top, and undo one clip (on your maternity bra). No double up of clips and no trying to find the hole to put your boob through!
"It saved me a fortune on buying lots of frumpy, unstylish nursing tops.
"It offers great value for money; at the end of the day it is only a vest. But the quality is good and it does save you a lot of money as you don't have to buy multi nursing tops. I would buy this again; in fact I've already brought a white one. I have already told all my breastfeeding mummies about it. This is the only breastfeeding top I'll now ever use."

Hannah: "I really liked the design of the . I felt really confident using it to breastfeed in public, and Iliked that it kept my tummy covered and because of its longer length it didn't ride up.
"The quality is excellent, it seems very well made and the material feels nice to wear.
"It was very comfy to wear, and the material felt soft on my skin. It also worked really well and was comfortable when feeding too, and didn't get in my way. Wearing this made me feel very confident because it didn't get in my way, but did mean that my tummy wasn't on show.
"I think I sometimes feel very awkward feeding in public and the meant that my tummy was not on show making my feed even more discreet. It also meant that I could feed anywhere. I often don't feed outside because of the cold wind on my tummy being uncomfortable; however with the on this wasn't an issue, so allowed me more freedom with where I could feed too.
"I wished that I had, had this product from when my son was a new-born, and I would definitely buy this product again
"It's a great product and I would recommend to friends and family but in particular to new-born mums as it helps you to feel more confident when feeding that you aren't showing too much off. It's an excellent product, does exactly what it claims and was very comfy to wear. A comfy product that gives you confidence to feed anytime, anywhere without the worry of what's on show!"

Not much more to say really!
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08/07/2013 breastvest wins ANOTHER SILVER!
We are thrilled to report - as you may have noticed from our homepage - that we won the SILVER award in the 2013 Loved By Parents Awards in the category of BEST FEEDING TOP.

Having scooped the Bronze Award in the 2012 event in the category of Best Product For Breastfeeding, we're cock-a-hoop to have moved up a metal in the gong stakes and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted for us.

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08/07/2013 Family BT loves breastvest!
What a lovely surprise! BT's family bods have sought out and think it's rather smashing.

So much so that they've listed it as one of the top five essential breastfeeding buddies any mummy could want.

Find out what else they favour here: http://home.bt.com/lifestyle/familyhome/parenting/five-of-the-best-breastfeeding-buddies-11363799342771
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26/12/2012 12 days of Xmas giveaway!
Okay. Apologies first. Over consumption of turkey, trimmings and associated goodies rendered me unable to sit upright yesterday to start the 12 days of Christmas giveaway as promised. So, today we're doing a double. We're offering two s - in the colours of your choice (including our limited edition pink and red) - to the randomly picked winner who correctly tells us how many Maids a Milking there are in the 12 Days of Christmas. entrants can either tweet @breastvest or write the answer on our Facebook wall at www.facebook.com/breastvest. Stay tuned every between now and January 6 to win win win. all winners will be announced on the final day. Merry Christmas! :) ...back to the top...

30/11/2012 Festive Post
Our last posting date before Christmas is 21st December so you'll need to place your order before noon.
However Royal Mail are recommending a cut off date of 14th December to guarantee post for Christmas.
There will be no deliveries between 22nd and 26th December and between 28th December and 1st January 2013.
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20/11/2012 Lovely new blog review of breastvest
Thanks to Anna at Family With Style for reviewing a for us... and for loving it!

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01/10/2012 Limited edition TICKLED PINK breastvest does good
1st October, 2012

Today we are thrilled – you could even say tickled pink - to launch our new limited edition .
Although we know the essential duo (1 x black and 1 x white) is the staple requirement of breastfeeding mums who want to make all of their tops breastfeeding tops, we’ve always tried to introduce a selection exclusive colours to offer something different for ladies who want to mix it up!
Still offering the confidence, discretion, wardrobe choice and value for money which comes built in with every , first up in our new collection of special issue colours is the Tickled Pink line, which goes on sale today exclusively at www.breastvest.co.uk.
We know breastfeeding mums are going to be excited about flashing a bit of pink (without worrying about flashing their postnatal tummies of course!), but we also know they’ll be happy to hear their pinky purchase will be supporting a great cause in the process.
Throughout October, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, all profits from the sales of our Tickled Pink will be donated to Breast Cancer Care, the charity which offers support and care to women and men with breast cancer.
This is the start of a long term programme of limited edition colours which will be sold to benefit a chosen charity during a particular month.
But ‘limited’ they are, so don’t delay! Get Tickled Pink today! www.breastcancercare.org.uk
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14/08/2012 Silver Medal for breastvest!
The Olympics may be over, but we're thrilled to report the medals (or at least awards) keep on coming.
A trio of Bizzie Baby Testers, renowned for being an honest group of ladies, have scored as a Silver Award winning product.
After a four-week testing period, the breastfeeding mums collectively gave us a whopping 13.8 out of a possible 15 marks, offering comments like:
"I will continue to use this and would recommend. Very Useful and comfortable to wear, allowed me to wear more tops..."
"Brilliant idea, it makes ordinary tops into breastfeeding tops. The Breastvest is great; it is nice and long so it tucks into your trousers to effectively keep your postpartum tummy hidden. It is made from a nice soft stretchy fabric. It is very comfortable, just like wearing an ordinary vest, but more convenient for breastfeeding. It helps keep things covered that you do not want others to see when breastfeeding in public."

So thrilled they found so useful and very grateful for our shiny award.
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24/05/2012 breastvest shortlisted for two awards!
Yay! We are delighted to announce that has been shortlisted in the LovedByParents Awards in the categories of Best Product for Breastfeeding and Best Innovation.
These awards are wonderful because they are voted for by parents, who we all know, know best! Visit here to vote and click on 'Feeding Products' and then 'Special Awards'. We. Are. Excited! http://lovedbyparents.com/awards/2012/vote/
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20/12/2011 UK distribution
breastvest would like to thank our UK distributor Baby Brands Direct for adding another 30 stockists over the last few months to our portfolio!
You can search for your nearest stockist using our google map http://www.breastvest.co.uk/stockists.asp
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13/12/2011 Guardian.co.uk finds breastvest
We're delighted to report that a columnist for Guardian.co.uk has found the wonder which we like to call , and passed it onto her breastfeeding friend to try out.
We're even more pleased to announce that she thought it was rather a good idea... here are her thoughts...
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28/11/2011 The very breast donation!
There have been smiles all round today in the camp as we announced that, thanks to the company’s fantastic sales during October, they have been able to make a significant contribution to Breast Cancer Care, a charity close to the entire team’s heart
In honour of October being National Breast Cancer Month, we wanted to show our support. Having deliberated between a sponsored fancy dress and a 24 hour silence, we decided the best idea was to actually spend the whole month fundraising and decided to donate 10% of all the online profits made during October.

With the decision made we ran various special offers to drive sales and used social media to spread the word! Thanks to our twitter and Facebook followers and friends, we got the word out about our daily offers including 20% discounts, £5 vouchers and free postage and packaging.
And we certainly seemed to get people's attention. October saw some of our best sales figures since we launched in 2009!

Speaking about the brand’s donation, Sam Telfer, co-founder says: ‘I was delighted that we decided to support Breast Cancer Care and focused our attention on making October such a success. I lost my mum to breast cancer in 2004 so it's a cause that is very close to my heart and a charity that I have been supporting personally for over ten years. Being able to get my business involved as well was great and what a wonderful feeling for the entire team to know we’ve made a difference! This is definitely an activity we hope to run annually...and who knows, we might even bring out another limited edition pink next October!’

Breast Cancer Care is a charity that aims to offer information and emotional/practical support to those affected by breast cancer. Founded in 1973, they continue to campaign for improvements in the standard of care and promote the importance of early detection.

For further information on Breast Cancer Care please visit www.breastcancercare.org.uk
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17/09/2011 breastvest goes global
Here at we are delighted to report that we've had an absolute ball at our first visit to the Kind and Jungen exhibition in Cologne, Germany.

We met lots of great fellow mumpreneurs, saw some amazing new products and (perhaps most importantly) took orders from companies in places such as Malta, Bangkok, Germany, France and Bulgaria.

Oh yes mums of the world... is coming to make your lives easier!
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28/08/2011 Essex Mums review
Essex Mums give the thumbs up!

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25/08/2011 A new addition to the breastvest family
We are delighted to announce that inventor and co-founder, Sam Telfer and her husband Michael welcomed Georgie Rose into the world on August 13, weighing a bouncing 9lb 10oz.
Sam is delighted to report that the she invented while breastfeeding her little boy a few years ago is indeed a wonderfully practical and confidence-oozing piece of breastfeeding kit.
Now she's wondering what she'll invent this time around #waiting-for-hormone-fuelled-inspiration!
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22/06/2011 Sam talks on Real Radio for NBW
We were delighted to be asked to contribute to a piece on Real Radio North East for National Breastfeeding Week which was looking at the low rates of breastfeeding in the region (the lowest in the UK); the possible reasons for it; and what can be done to change attitudes and breastfeeding numbers.
In the piece, Sam talks about the benefits of to help give mums confidence when feeding their babies in public, as well as offering them the chance to get back into their favourite clothes sooner.
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08/03/2011 Our breastest review yet!
Here's the transcript of our latest review, which appears at www.thebreastestnews.co.uk. We're really rather pleased with ourselves!

"I'm a massive fan of breastfeeding and I am all for it, so if you can breast feed, great. Give it your best shot and do what is right for you. Give your baby the best start in life and be proud of what you are doing. Now after having a baby you will all know that you are left with a not so great looking tummy.
"This is just part of having a baby even though it's a bit rubbish and you do not want to be showing everyone your post baby tummy whilst breastfeeding and this is where the comes in! It's an ingenious invention designed to aid breastfeeding and cover up that baby tummy.
"The lovely people have sent us a black to test and review. Here is what we thought:

"First impressions are great. The is soft and very comfy to wear. The straps are like the ones you get on your bra so that you can move them to a position you are comfortable with which is great as one size does not fit all and every woman knows that.

"The comes in 5 different sizes' XS, S, M, L and XL so plenty to choose from and comes in the following colours Black, White, Cream, Grey & Pink which is perfect for wearing discreetly under your top. And that is the beauty of these little vests. They allow you to wear your normal tops whilst breastfeeding, no need for fancy expensive nursing tops. Just pop this on under your own top, lift up your top and hey presto, your tummy is covered and so are your breasts leaving enough space for your baby to latch on and feed comfortably.

"The sits under your breasts so that you have easy access to your nursing bra and you would never notice. It is so comfortable it just feels like a normal top. I have no complaints with this product at all, really struggling to find any niggle.

"The is made from 95% viscose and 5% elastane and is machine washable. You can purchase this lovely product from www.breastvest.co.uk for £15 which is a great price for the amount of times you will wear it.

"Overall I love this , very comfy to wear, no complaints and a great price. I will definitely be recommending this to my breastfeeding mummy friends."

Mummies rating - 10/10
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01/11/2010 Success at the Baby Show
We spent a lively three days at the Baby Show at Earl's Court last weekend.br />And aside from Sam's gravelly voice (apologies to anyone who couldn't hear her!), a great time was had by all... And loads of mums snapped up their first s too, which was kind of the point of us being there!br />As always it was lovely to hear first hand what a great idea mums think is. br />We even had a few returning customers who are on to baby number two and wanted to add to their collection!br />Thanks to everyone who came to the stand... And don't forget the secret code we gave out. br />The show offers are available to those who came to the stand until November 30, 2010. ...back to the top...

20/10/2010 Off to The Baby Show!
breastvest are packing up as many s as they can carry, safe in the knowledge that the Earl's Court mums at The Baby Show are going to LOVE it.br />br />Why wouldn't they? We're one of eight BEST BREASTFEEDING PRODUCTS... did we mention we'd been shortlisted for a Mother and Baby Award?br />br />We're going to be in residence at Earl's Court for three whole days, so feel free to pop down to Stand B70 and take advantage of our show offers.br />br />Any two s for £25br />br />Limited edition colours for £10br />br />And... well, we're open to bartering too! If you buy five or more, who knows what deal you might get.br />br />Looking forward to meeting lots of new mums, seeing lots of baby bumps and the odd pre-packed salad from that yummy health-food take out which was there last year.br />br />Please have returned. I promise I'll remember your name next year. ...back to the top...

13/10/2010 We've been shortlisted for an Mother and Baby Award!
We are very excited to report that is lining up with the rest of the shortlisted finalists in the Mother and Baby Awards 2010 in the category of Best Breastfeeding Product.br />br />It's been a few weeks since we sent out some sample s to the M&B testing network and are assuming that they've really enjoyed the benefits.br />br />The news of the nomination comes after we found out we'd made the finalist stages of the Practical Parenting Awards and also as we're preparing for The Baby Show at Earl's Court next week.br />br />These are exciting times indeed. ...back to the top...

05/10/2010 Limited edition colours for ten pounds
Call us crazy if you will, but we've decided to give our customers a big early Christmas present.br />As of now, our limited edition colours are all just £10.br />So if you fancy a royal blue, grey, charcoal, cream, hot pink, red or navy , you'll automatically get it for £5 cheaper than you would have done before now.br />Smashing news I think we can all agree.br />Please note that not all colours are available in all sizes. ...back to the top...

03/09/2010 Connect with us on Facebook
breasvest has got a new page on facebook, and we'd love you to 'like' it! We'll be posting regular updates about happenings at as well as details of special offers and competitions. Hope to see you there... just paste this link into your browser: www.facebook.com/pages/breastvest/134346566578596 ...back to the top...

06/07/2010 North East Baby Roadshow
Come and see us at the North East Baby Roadshow at Gosforth Park on Saturday 10th July. br />br />It's set to be a great family day out with up to 200 exhibitors covering pregnancy through to parenthood. br />br />There will be live fashion shows, dance and exercise demonstrations (including !), up to 200 exhibitors, a huge fun fair to entertain the children and much much more.br />br />Book your tickets now http://www.northeastbabyroadshow.co.uk/br />br /> ...back to the top...

18/05/2010 breastvest are off to The Baby Show
It's that time again fans.br />We're packing up a big box of s and associated loveliness and will be setting off for Birmingham later this week for The Baby Show at the NEC.br />The show will run from Friday until Sunday and we'll be offering some great deals on s... so if you're popping in, why not pop over to stand R12 and say hello.br />Ooh, and keep an ear out for us on stage too... we might just be on the catwalk during the fashion show... (when I say 'we', I'm talking about itself, not its creators!).br />We'll let you know how it goes.br /> ...back to the top...

08/05/2010 Free Tickets to Baby Show in Birmingham
breastvest has a wadge of tickets to give away for the upcoming Baby Show at Birmingham NEC from May 21-23.br />br />If you would like a pair, just email us at enquiries@breastvest.co.uk, quoting your order number.br />br />breastvest will be exhibiting at the show... and look forward to seeing you there.br />br />Tickets will be given out on a first come, first served basis. ...back to the top...

28/04/2010 Joanna can't stop talking about breastvest!
We were delighted to read that helped our celebrity fan, actress Joanna Taylor, out last week when she was caught out on the school run, without a breastpad.br />br />In order to avoid any tell-tale milk patches on her top, Joanna simply lifted what whe was wearing over the offending boob... safe in the knowledge that her was keeping her midriff covered.br />br />She had also had the forethought to co-ordinate the colour of her bra with her ... genius!br />br />Read Joanna's latest entry here: http://tiny.cc/2hugq ...back to the top...

15/04/2010 breastvest gets a celebrity fan!
"We were thrilled to hear that has been discovered by a bona fide celeb... and we didn't even have to give her it for free!br />br />Former Hollyoaks stunner, Joanna Taylor has blogged about her love of via her OK blog about being a new mum to Ethan.br />br />On it, she says: ""I’m still breastfeeding Ethan but doing it in public sometimes is a bit tricky as I try my best to be discreet. I am certainly not someone who wants to draw attention to what I am doing. I love breastfeeding as I know that Ethan is getting the best possible milk but I am really not into flashing! br />br />""I have discovered s recently and think they are great as they cover your tummy so you don't have to lift your top up to feed - otherwise I end up pulling my normal vests down and stretching them. At this stage my tummy is still like jelly and definitely not something I want the world to see!""br />br />We couldn't have said it better Joanna... thanks for the mention and delighted to hear you're getting the full benefit from .br />" ...back to the top...

28/02/2010 This Morning loves breastvest
Everyone at was thrilled to hear (and see) that the new baby club reviewers on ITV1's This Morning thoroughly recommend .br />Alison Hammond, who is presenting the show's new baby club feature said was fantastic for mums who are self conscious about their postnatal tummy... which we reckon means pretty much most of us!br />The lovely mummy who tested a was very complimentary too.. so thanks for that, and we're glad you found your useful!br />Check out the clip at: http://www.itv.com/lifestyle/thismorning/more/babygadgets/ ...back to the top...

11/02/2010 breastvest reviewed on First4Dads
DESCRIPTION: A breastfeeding garment to wear in addition to a nursing bra, designed to provide support and coverage for postnatal tummies. Available in sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL, in a choice of six colours: black, white, cream, grey, royal blue and hot pink.br />br />GOOD POINTS: The is a unique piece of underwear that allows you to breastfeed in public without the worry of exposing your postnatal tummy.br />The is a shaped vest made from a viscose and elastane mix, which ensures it is not only soft and comfortable on your skin, but also stretchy to accomodate your postnatal figure. The vest is designed to sit under your usual nursing bra and beneath your normal clothes, and simply allows you to lift your top up to nurse your baby without revealing your bare postnatal tummy.br />br />The vest has long straps which sit comfortably over your shoulders and hold the top in place without interfering with the existing straps of your nursing bra. In addition, the vest comes in a great choice of sizes and colours to allow you to cordinate with your everyday clothes.br />br />Added to this, the makes a perfect garment for wearing during as well as after pregnancy, by ensuring coverage of your baby bump when your tops ride up or become too short.br />br />The is a discrete and comfortable item to wear, and provides a very simple solution to a common but awkward problem. A definate must-have for any mum-to-be!br />br />BAD POINTS: None that we can find! br />br />Here's the link if you want to see it in the flesh!br />http://tinyurl.com/yca7v7l ...back to the top...

11/02/2010 Silver Award from Bizzie Baby
We were delighted to hear that has been recognised with a Silver Award from Bizzie Baby.br />br />Three reviewers tested for a couple of weeks and all gave their feedback... and the all important score. We got an average of 4.2 out of five, and therefore qualified for the Silver gong.br />br />Thanks to the reviewers and our friends at Bizzie Baby. Here's the link so you can read the reviews for yourself... http://tinyurl.com/yaojgvr ...back to the top...

05/01/2010 breastvest is a 'lifesaver'
A trio of reviewers for babyworld.co.uk have given a universal thumbs up to ... two of them gave us five stars across the board!br />br />Check out what the three mums had to say about at http://www.babyworld.co.uk/information/reviews/product.asp?id=1234.br />br /> ...back to the top...

11/12/2009 Festive post
Our last posting date for Christmas is 21st December so you'll need to place your order before noon. br />There will be no deliveries between 25th and 28th December inclusive. ...back to the top...

03/12/2009 New autumn/winter colours available
We've just launched a quartet of new colours to complement your autumn/winter wardrobe, ensuring you look good, feel confident and stay warm when breastfeeding this winter. br />Be one of the first to get a navy, charcoal, brown or very Christmassy red around your postnatal tummy. br />At a recent baby show event, mums were going Christmas crazy for what we're calling our Robin (red)breastvest! br />Use discount code 'BV12' online by end of December to claim your 10% off. Ho Ho Ho indeed!br /> br /> ...back to the top...

02/11/2009 breastvest gets five star review
breastvest has been reviewed on FamiliesRecommend... and guess what? We only got a full five stars.br />br />Check out the review at www.familiesrecommend.co.uk/product.php?productid=16267&cat=420&page=1br />br /> ...back to the top...

01/10/2009 Glowing review from Bizzie Baby
"breastvest has been given a big seal of approval from one of the mum testers from bizziebaby.co.uk.br />Becca used for a couple of weeks while feeding her baby girl, Victoria.br />Here's what she had to say...br />br />""I was impressed by the quality of the material of the Breastvet initially. The product arrived in a clear plastic packet, well packed and arrived in good condition. br />""I feel the instrcutions both on the website and leaflet were clear and concise. This product certainly helped me when breastfeeding. br />""My tummy was covered at all times which made me feel more comfortable. As more of my body was covered from the public eye, wearing the vest certainly gave me more confidence. br />""I would wear the during pregancy as the length of the vest would bridge the gap as stated. Quality is superb. I do believe this offers good value for money as you could wear the vest during your pregancy and then of course for feeding once your baby arrives. br />""Only one design suggestion and that would be to make inner flap longer as I have a large chest. An extremely practical and comfortable piece of clothing that would move from pregnancy to motherhood.""br />br />Cheers Becca... glad you liked it!" ...back to the top...

01/10/2009 tommee tippee love breastvest
Take a trip to the tommee tippee website and you'll notice a very lovely logo on the homepage... that's right, it's ours!!!br />br />Tommee tippee have decided that they 'love' ... isn't that nice?br />br />When we were developing , one of the advantages that many of our testers told us was that helped them breastfeed for longer than they would have done without it.br />br />That's also the ethos behind tommee tippee's closer to nature range which has been designed to help mums combine breast and bottle feeding.br />br />So, we're thrilled that the wonder of has reached those people behind the very clever Closer to Nature range which we were big fans of when we our toddlers were babies. (Sniff Sniff) ...back to the top...

20/09/2009 breastvest can save your style
"breastvest is proud to announce its inclusion in the SOS (Save Our Style) page of Prima Baby Magazine's October issue. Page 55 sees maternity style guru Sally-Ann pointing readers in the direction of our very ""clever design"". Woop Woop indeed." ...back to the top...

20/09/2009 Win tickets to The Baby Show
We have four pairs of tickets to give away for The Baby Show at Earls Court, London from October 16-18. Tickets will be given on a first come, first served basis. Type in promotion code PRIMA at the checkout if you want a pair. Purchase of a is necessary to qualify.br />br />And of course we'll be there to say hello to those lucky enough to bag a pair of tickets. Come and see us on stand L40. ...back to the top...

21/08/2009 breastvest gets four star review
A mum reviewer has recently posted her verdict on after trying it our for a couple of weeks.br />br />Follow this link to find out what she had to say (in short: she loved it!)br />br />http://www.madeformums.com/reviews/feeding/nursing-bras/breastvest-breastfeeding-vest/639.htmlbr />br />We are very happy! ...back to the top...

14/08/2009 breastvest launch press release - Aug 09
PRESS RELEASEbr />August 14th, 2009br />br />A revolutionary item of breastfeeding underwear is now available and we want to tell you all about it.br />br />Created, designed, tested and approved by breastfeeding mums, was born out of frustration with boring, expensive breastfeeding tops and stretched necklines, and a deep-rooted fear of exposing the postnatal tummies our babies left behind.br />br />If you’re a breastfeeding mum who isn’t crazy about showing off your midriff area, has got you covered.br />br />Designed to be used alongside a well-fitted nursing bra, is held in place by specially designed straps and comfortably covers the postnatal tummy, offering breastfeeding mums a comfortable layer of support and modesty while feeding their babies.br />br />And because lets breastfeeding mums lift up their tops with without showing any bits they’d rather keep under wraps, choosing what to wear each day need no longer be dictated by their desire to do the best for their babies.br />br />Available in black, white, cream, grey, royal blue and hot pink, can offer a complimentary layered look to any outfit as well as providing an invaluable and seamless layer of confidence for breastfeeding mums. br />br />Breast is even better with ... but don’t just take our word for it. We’ve had lots of positive feedback from health visitors and breastfeeding counsellors who immediately understood and related to the solution that provides for mums... meanwhile here’s a selection of what our customers have to say...br />br />“...breastvest... ingenious invention. Only a woman could come up with a piece of clothing so helpful - I love it!!” Chrissie, Devonbr />br />“...I have just tried on my for the first time, it is so brilliant. Fantastic...I am going to tell all my friends! Thank you for a great invention!” C. Perry, Devonbr />br />“...This top is a great idea, it allows you to wear normal tops with a underneath for easy feeding. No pulling tops down and up again or feeling half dressed in public.” Jennie, Newcastle.br />br />“...breastvest gives you hassle free modesty and is great for feeding in company! ” Lisa Brady, Tynemouth.br />br />And pregnant mums don’t have to wait for their babies to arrive to enjoy the benefits of . Lots of our customers use during pregnancy to keep their bumps covered when tops ride up or are just that little bit too short - as we know they are prone to be.br />br />breastvest is available online at www.breastvest.co.uk and in a selection of independent stores throughout the UK. br />br />How works:br />br />breastvest is shaped to sit comfortably just under a breastfeeding mum’s well-fitted nursing bra and is held in place by shoulder straps, specially designed not to interfere with the nursing bra’s straps.br />br />breastvest covers the postnatal tummy generously and discreetly, and allows breastfeeding mums to wear normal tops, which can then just be lifted up to breastfeed... without exposing any postnatal tummy.br />br />It really couldn’t be easier to use:br />br />Step 1: lift up your top - will stay in place and keep your tummy covered;br />br />Step 2: unhook your nursing bra and get comfortable;br />br />Step3: latch on your baby and enjoy the confidence which goes hand in hand with .br /> ...back to the top...

08/06/2009 New colours available
We know lots of you have already bought your essential s in both black and white... and now we have another four colours for you to choose from.br />br />We have just taken delivery of s in cerise pink, royal blue, grey and cream, so now you can match the layered look you get with to any outfit in your wardrobe.br />br />We have all four colours available in all sizes: S M L XL.br />br />Happy layering! ...back to the top...

17/05/2009 we're on twitter!
If it's good enough for Demi, Ashton, Barrack and Stephen Fry then it's more than good enough for us. is now officially tweetering (that is, we've registered on twitter) - so feel free to follow us to keep track of all our product news, reviews and special offers. Just visit http://twitter.com/breastvest to start following us ...back to the top...

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